The densities of all 3D printing materials

Today at Bitfab we’re going to talk about a subject that every good maker ends up wondering about: what is the density of a filament, how much is the weight of each meter, and how many meters of it are in a one kilo coil. At first glance, it might seem silly to you; how … Read more

3D printing extruder guide

Guide to Choosing My 3D Printer Extruder

The extrusion system is one of the 3 most important points to achieve the best 3D prints, along with the printer mechanics and lamination. That’s why in this article I want to show you how to choose a quality extruder for your 3D printer and why it influences the finishing and reliability of your printer. … Read more

3D printed glasses

3D Printed Glasses

👓 Printing glasses in 3D is a trend that is gaining popularity and that many are joining. It’s a fresh, simple and advantageous proposal that has emerged to meet the needs of many people who demand a higher level of customization of this product. After all, eyeglasses must be made with a variety of details … Read more

Laser cutting wood projects

12 wood laser cutting projects and ideas

Laser technology is an exceptional tool for creating custom projects. It allows us to create unique, original objects and materialize the ideas we have in mind into physical products. But what else can I do with laser cutting? Well, lots of things! Everything you can imagine. To illustrate you better, we are going to show … Read more

3D printed prosthesis

Top 15 prosthetics made with 3D printing

🔝 The top 15 3D printed prosthetics projects that are revolutionising the world.

Videos, images and all the informations to help and participate in these projects.

Buying a 3D printer for my company. When to do it

Is it better to buy a 3D printer or outsource parts? This is the question many companies ask themselves when they want to print their first parts. We help you to know how much it costs to print in 3D, decide if you need a printer in your office and which 3D printer to buy … Read more