Photogrammetry, 3D Scanning With A Photo Camera

I’m sure you’ve heard of the possibility of scanning an object to create a 3D model. This is something that has been done for quite some time in the industry, using different scanning technologies. Only recently has access to this technology been democratized through a new scanning system that will allow you to scan models … Read more

3D Scanning With Structured Light

Today we bring you the second article in this mini-series about 3D scanning. On this occasion we are going to talk about a technique that will allow us to scan 3D objects using structured light with different patterns. Many of the 3D scanners we can buy today work with this technology so keep reading to … Read more

Meshmixer megaguide, the Swiss army knife for SLTs

💪 Meshmixer is next in our mega guides. What is Meshmixer? What is it for? The Swiss army knife to prepare your STL files for 3D printing We’re going to see all this and much more today, at Bitfab. Use the index to get to the section you need 👇 What is Meshmixer? Meshmixer defines … Read more

Top 3D design and 3D printing software

🏅[TOP 17] The Best 3D Design and 3D Printing software

🤔 Which are the best 3D design programs? We have gathered the 17 best 3D design and printing programs in this superpost, based on our experience. We’ll also tell you which is the best option for each project and we’ll include the price and advantages of all the programs. BONUS: At the end of the … Read more

3D printed Funko Pops

We all know these adorable big-headed dolls. In recent years, they have become a trend, and virtually any character, real or fictional, is represented in this format. That is why many of you have probably wanted to print one of these dolls with your printers, so today we bring you a few models that you … Read more

What is additive manufacturing? Applications, technologies and benefits

If you are in manufacturing, or in your company, manufacturing is an important part of the production process, you probably know about additive manufacturing. If not, let me tell you that you are missing out on a technology (or set of technologies) that could greatly speed up the way your company produces, in addition to … Read more

How to make 3D printed images: lithophanes

If you like the world of 3D printing, you’ve probably seen one of those spectacular 3D printed photos. It may seem like a complex design that requires advanced modeling skills, but nothing could be further from the truth. Today we will explain how to design and print these three-dimensional images known as lithophanes yourself. 📖 … Read more