Thingiverse alternatives

The Best Alternatives to Thingiverse

We all know that, currently, Thingiverse is the best known and probably the largest repository of 3D designs. Have you seen how slow it’s running lately? And how much ads it has? Unfortunately Thingiverse is not what it used to be and there are other sites that are taking over from it. Are you tired … Read more

All about 3D Printed Sneakers

3D printing has revolutionized a lot of industries, including the fashion world. 3D printed shoes are now a reality that is becoming more and more present in the footwear market. Customized sneakers, footwear personalized to your taste or even modular shoes. We are going to tell you all about it today, in Bitfab. Why should … Read more

Laser cut keychains

All About Laser Cut Keychains – How they’re made, how much they cost…

Laser cutting is one of the most widely used techniques for manufacturing parts today and has been used for many years. Given the range of materials available and its usually cheap price, laser cutting is in many cases the most affordable alternative. On the other hand, it is increasingly common to manufacture merchandising or promotional … Read more

All about 3D Printing for Bakery

If you are a cooking enthusiast or have a bakery business, you should know that 3D printing has a lot to offer. You can print cake molds, cookie cutters, or even coffee foam molds. If that sounds interesting, keep reading, because we’re just getting started. How can 3D printing help you in the kitchen? 3D … Read more

DWG file viewers

The best DWG file viewers

It is likely that you have already come across a file in the DWG format and have not known how to open it or what it was. Well, today in Bitfab we are going to tell you what you need to know about this type of files and how you can open them in an … Read more

All about HP Multi Jet Fusion, industrial 3D printing

HP is not only a renowned brand of printers, it also has a very interesting 3D printing technology on the table known as Multi Jet Fusion. It is a very new technology, capable of manufacturing incredible industrial parts with very technical materials. Do you want to know more? What is HP Multi Jet Fusion technology? … Read more

Do you know 3D Slash? Design in 3D as if you were in Minecraft

Lately we have introduced you to many different programs for 3D design. Which one you choose will depend largely on what you want to design, for what purpose and what level you have in 3D design. Recently we discovered a program that aims to bring 3D modeling to all audiences. It’s a bit like Tinkercad, … Read more

The Best Alternatives To AutoCAD (Especially For 3D Printing)

AutoCAD is one of the most popular CAD, or computer design, programs of all time. However, in recent years many programs have emerged to take the throne away from it, proposing alternatives to parametric design in both 3D and 2D. Do you want to know the best alternatives to Autocad? Then take a seat because … Read more