3D print your projects with our help

Fast quotations
Fast quotations

Send us your files and you will get a quotation in less than 24 hours.

Expert support
Expert support

Receive support from our technical staff to help you prepare your project for 3D printing.

3D printing production
3D printing production

We will manufacture your designs with 3D printing and send them to your address.

Our 3D printing services

We are a professional 3D printing bureau specialised in prototypes and short series

Printing technology

We use FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication) 3D printing technology to print our customer’s parts. We have a wide variety of materials and colours to meet your project demands.

We have developed our own production machines and operate them ourselves in our facilities, so we can offer the best prices and delivery dates.

Technical support

Free technical support for your order when you ask for a quotation from Bitfab.

We help our customers choose the right material, printing parameters, finishing for their 3D printed parts. We can also help you improve your models to get the best results with the FFF 3D printing process. Paid 3D modelling service also available if you request it.

Professional service

Professional service specialised in custom 3D printing jobs, prototypes and small batches of components.

You will have a quotation in less than 24 hours, assistance from experts in 3D printing and communication and feedback during the production of your order.

How can we help you?

We offer our equipment and experience to help you materialize your parts and projects with 3D printing

3D printing service

Use our 3D printing service to get fast quotations and printing your models, prototypes and components.

Contact with us if you need custom technologies, materials or requeriments. We will put our machines and expertise at your service if you have a custom 3D printing project.

Design and consulting

Do you need assistance with your 3D printing project? Do you have a business idea related to 3D printing?

We can help you materialize your parts with our experience in design and 3D printing production.

Our experience in numbers

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Do you want to speak with us?

We will guide you trough the process of materializing your project with 3D printing.