file formats for 3D prinring

All 3D printing file formats explained

When printing in 3D we have to manage 3D models, for which we can use a lot of different formats. Each design program uses one format or another by default, but almost all of them allow us to choose in which one we want to export our models. There are many different formats: STL, OBJ, … Read more

Prusa Slicer Guide – Bitfab’s slicer of choice

Although a few years ago the slicer landscape was focused almost exclusively on Cura by Ultimaker, there are now plenty of free slicers available. Among these, one of the best and most popular at the moment is Prusa Slicer. Even if it is by Prusa, it is suitable for almost any printer on the market. … Read more

All About 3D-Printed Splints

3D printing is involved in many aspects of medicine. More specifically, it is increasingly common to find 3D-printed splints to treat injuries. Years ago this sector was quite popular, but now there are many companies that market these products. Do you want to know everything about 3D-printed splints? Then keep reading. Let’s get started! What … Read more

3D Printed Miniatures – Ideas, Tricks, Filament or Resin?

Have you ever seen a 3D printed miniature? Board games or role-playing games that use miniatures have always been very popular, and right now 3D printing has become a fundamental part of the custom miniature ecosystem. Do you want to find out what types of miniatures there are? If you should use resin or FDM … Read more

3D Print Orthopedic Insoles

3D printing is already revolutionizing the custom manufacturing of orthopedic insoles. Scanning and digital manufacturing are fundamental tools to make the orthopedic business more profitable. Here, we’ll explain all the basics. Do you want to know what projects are underway and what state they are in? Then keep reading because we’re just getting started. What … Read more

Automatic 3D printers

🔝 12 Automatic 3D Printer Projects

The future I would like for Bitfab to have? For me it is the automatic printer farms: printers in which the part is automatically extracted from the machine, so you can print 24 hours a day without having to worry about it, and thus operating the whole facility with very few people. It is a … Read more

recycling 3D printed plastic

♻️ How can I recycle my 3D printing plastic?

If you’ve been in 3D printing for a while, you’ve certainly gone through all the phases of recycling 3D printing plastic. Over the years, a lot of new projects have appeared that promised to give us the ability to recycle the plastic from our failed prints, media, rafts or purge blocks but, to this day, … Read more