Rapid prototyping

Rapid Prototyping Guide – 6 most used technologies

Today, rapid prototyping is booming in the industry for very good reasons: it saves thousands of euros in design flaws or final parts tests and it is not as expensive as companies think. Rapid prototyping methods are available for all qualities, needs and budgets, and the vast majority have available a wide variety of materials … Read more

Custom 3D printed keychains for T3chfest

On March 1st and 2nd, T3chFest, the largest event organized by students in Europe, is being held at the Carlos III University of Madrid. In 2017, 1200 people attended the first level talks that were offered, this year the attendance is expected to be even greater. Bitfab was commissioned to make 80 personalized 3D printed ... Read more

3D printed camera support for drone

In this post we want to share the process from beginning to end that leads the execution of a design project and 3D printing in Bitfab. We have chosen as an example the work done for the company UTW (Unmanned Technical Works), dedicated to the use of drones to carry out engineering projects. UTW needed ... Read more

Everything about PETG in 3D printing

PETG is one of the most versatile materials for 3D printing, resistant and easy to print. Its popularity is booming in recent years, and in Bitfab we have compiled all the available information and our experience to help you choose the applications in which you can use this excellent material. What are PET and PETG? ... Read more