3D printing problems

🔥 The definitive guide to solving 3D printing problems by Bitfab

🤬Having problems with your 3D printer? You’ve come to the right place. In Bitfab we have prepared the definitive guide to solve all your 3D printing problems. Thousands of hours of professional 3D printing behind our back to help you with the setbacks you have with your printer. And we not only give you the … Read more

How to design and 3D print letters

We have realized that there are many people who for one reason or another need to generate 3D models of certain letters. From Bitfab we have shown you many alternatives to generate your 3D models without the need to design them yourself. Below we leave you a series of articles that you may want to … Read more

3d printed shisha tips

3D Printed Hookah Mouthpieces

Hookahs, shishas, or argilahs are a very fashionable item nowadays. Having gained so much popularity, there are lots of specialized places where you can smoke hookahs, as well as many shops where you can buy your own. If you’re a fan of this Arab tradition, you’d probably love to be able to have custom mouthpieces … Read more

Piezas impermeables 3D

Tricks To Print Waterproof Parts In 3D

Do you want to print waterproof, airtight parts? This was the question that German Martin asked me in the podcast La Tecnología para Todos (Technology for Everyone), in the section about 3D printing that we have in Bitfab. As I spent some time thinking and writing my answer, I realized that the tips we gave … Read more

Metal 3D printing

😲 Metal 3D Printing at home!

😲 Did you know that you can print 100% metal parts on your home 3D filament printer? A hint: it’s not like making a mold to cast molten metal – much easier! We show you how to print metal with your FDM printer and introduce you to all the 3D metal printing technologies that exist. … Read more